What is the cost to give of ones soul in order to change a nation to love. There is none for the soul is rewarded far greater then the cost. I assure you.

What is a Shaman?

Very few people can be a shaman. It requires a life long journey of study and practice. Shaman Durek has knowledge and understanding of the fundamental world religions and culture, philosophy and human behavior.

As part of the shamanic journey Durek needed to live through all of the human experiences, both physical and emotional, from love to sorrow to actual death.

This necessary journey through human suffering created a teacher who today guides people to connect to their authentic self, independent of their spiritual and religious belief system. He helps you to see the world with clarity and gives you tools to realize your highest potential.

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Shaman Durek in MetroSource Magazine

Music Icon Jim Morrison said that people are afraid- of themselves, of their own reality, especially of their own feelings.  Shaman Durek Verrett sees the fear. ” People put up a mask in order to feel safe, but I see past it,” he says. ” I don’t let people make excuses.  I”m not going to hold you’re hand either.  I want you to stand on your own feet.”

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